Patrice Garande (Caen): "It will happen something irrational" against PSG

Patrice Garande (Caen): "It will happen something irrational" against PSG


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Published on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 at 13:33 | Updated 17/04/2018 at 13:43
The coach of SM Caen, who receives the Paris-SG this Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Coupe de France (9:05 pm), is confident that his team will create the feat.
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Patrice Garande wants to believe in the feat. (R.Perrocheau / Reuters)

This Wednesday (9:05 pm), the SM Caen is playing one of the most exciting matches in his history, since his first semi-final of Coupe de France . “For us, it’s fantastic, extraordinary” , do not hesitate to announce Patrice Garande. And the coach Norman thinks his team able to evacuate his bad luck in Ligue 1 (15th, four defeats in a row) to succeed in overthrowing the fresh champion of France and thus discover the Stade de France, Tuesday, May 8. “What is the meaning of this going green, 48 hours before this semi-final? In exceptional match, exceptional preparation. It must be prepared as serenely and quietly as possible. There is a balance to be found between excitement and serenity. We are in our preparation since the postponement of the match against Toulouse on Saturday. We wanted to play – and I think we had to play – on Sunday. But it’s like that … I feel a desire, a concentration in the players. The Cup generates other things than in the Championship. Which PSG do you expect after their demonstration against Monaco (7-1) , Sunday, who gave him the title of champion of France? Besides the demonstration, I do not feel that they have drawn on their physical resources. They are all international and are used to traveling around the world. I did not learn anything new about PSG, I was simply surprised by such a gap with Monaco. And I do not think there’s any euphoria on their part, because they’re champions. Besides, they did not party.

“For everyone, it’s folded, it’s decided. What do we have to lose? ”

What will you rely on to try to create the feat, to refer to a particular match? I refer first to the quality of my players, more than to a match. Even if we have already created a feat against Lyon (1-0), in the quarterfinals. The first thing, already, is to put in the head that it is possible. With the staff, players are given certain elements to prove to them that it is possible. Like what ? We must already create the conditions of an exploit. It’s getting ready. I talked with them about the European Cup matches last week. Those of Juve to Real or Roma against Barça, for example. There was also Marseille. We saw a whole stadium that believed and we felt that the players had the right attitude, despite a goal taken input. It needs a smell, a special atmosphere. The atmosphere must be different from that of the Championship. And in terms of the game, how to deal with PSG? It will already be present in the duels, have a controlled aggressiveness. If we look at them, if we run behind the balloon, we’re dead. But it will also be aggressive on the offensive, in the calls, the way to hit the goal, to shoot the set pieces. And, in football, there is what we master and the irrational. For everyone, it’s folded, it’s sliced. What do we have to lose? We can not wait to play. It’s only happiness, only pleasure. I’m convinced that something irrational is going to happen … ”

Franck Le Dorze in Caen

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