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Patrick Fiori (The Voice Kids): who is Ariane, the mother of her two sons?

As the fifth season of The Voice Kids debuted on TF1, Patrick Fiori is in the limelight. However, the general public is not familiar with the couple he forms with Ariane Quatrefages. A duo that works. Patrick Fiori has always been discreet about his private life, protecting his wife Ariane Quatrefages from media attacks. In 2016, the singer indulged yet on his wife, evoking an ex-queen of beauty at his side. A year earlier, it was Jean-Pierre Foucault who sold the wick during the Miss France election, ensuring that the one who shared the life of the artist had stepped on the podium of the famous competition to finish third runner-up in 2000. information that the jury of The Voice Kids had confirmed. Born in 1977 in Lyon, Ariane Quatrefages studied languages ​​and international trade before being elected Miss Rhône-Alpes in 1999. After the contest Miss France, the young woman decides to turn to a career as an actress and joins the famous school of the course Florent. The apprentice actress is spotted by the production of Notre-Dame de Paris who gives her a chance. It is there that she meets one of the headliners of the troupe in the person of Patrick Fiori. While the singer triumphs on stage while playing the Belleaux tube alongside Garou and Daniel Lavoie, a love story is born between the new star and the ex-Miss.Mariés in 2008, Patrick Fiori and Ariane Quatrefages have two children whose Sevan born in 2009. Five years after the couple welcomes the birth of a second baby boy. Present on social networks, the wife of Patrick Fiori takes the opportunity to regularly retwitter articles related to the news of the singer. The lovebirds even work together since Ariane is the author of the tracks Choosing, They Say and Against But for the album titled Choosing in 2014. "She writes lyrics, she's doing really well, I'm a little less friendly with the people I love, not to say 'this is the wife of' But sometimes, the talent is right next and you have to know accept it "had assured the singer on France 2 in 2016. For his tenth studio album (Promesse in 2017), Patrick Fiori once again appealed to his wife's gifted talents as they co-signed the songs La Vie idéal and Le Meilleur de nous. Two titles revealing their love.Photo credits: Pierre Perusseau / Bestimage


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