Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

Patrick Flores : the reaction on Patricia Locame was d’private


Saint-Paul. It was so beautiful and well of a dumpling. A gross communication error.

Following a reaction surprising published on his account Facebook, is particularly nasty to the place of his colleague in the municipal council, Patricia Locame, its author, Patrick Flores has asked for the withdrawal of the message copied and pasted by Zinfos 974 revealing, between the two members of the team of Joseph Sinimalé, more than a deep disagreement, hatred, tenacious.

the head of The sector of Saint-Gilles, without disavowing his remarks, pointed out that the post in question was intended for his friends, œses fréros ‘ And that, therefore, the rant would never have had to be repeated in a loop by the media. That act.

For all that, the person acknowledges having a dispute with the fifth deputy in charge of Tourism at Saint-Paul. The origin of this prose clumsy are two press conferences of the mayor, a on the 31 December, the other on the crisis shark. Two sessions of com’ which was invited Patricia Locame without, so to speak. This presence alone has been enough to make it out of its hinges, Patrick Flores, holidays to be taken outside the department. Despite the accuracy, Patricia Locame has decided to file a complaint. Yesterday, the FACULTY has given its support in condemning the remarks œsexistes and offensive ‘, unworthy of the hand of an elected official.

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