Patrick Kicken: Sander Lantinga to Radio Veronica, Coen and Sander separated

[BLOG] A divorce is imminent. After years of making the ether unsafe together, Coen and Sander split up. Earlier this week,Speak tube reported that Frank Dane will remain with Radio 538 and will take over the time slot of Swijnenberg & Lantinga, also known as the Coen en Sander Show. But opinions differed quite a bit about what will happen to the illustrious radio duo. That they Staying with Talpa Radio is clear, partly because of a very expensive contract they still have with John’s Toko, but now it is also clear what will happen to both gentlemen: they are splitting up! Each their own way, on two channels.

It seems as if it is a virus that strikes once every five years. Last May 5 it was exactly 5 years ago that Mattie and Wietze broke up. And now it’s Coen and Sander’s turn. A radio wedding that some wicked tongues claimed years ago was the bromance and the magic over, now they’re admitting it themselves. Fortunately, they both end up well. Let’s start with the funniest of the bunch: he can try his luck one floor higher, at Radio Veronica. My best sources claim that Sander will take care of the afternoon show, with Marisa Heutink, who is already there. And that’s quite a great idea. Man plus woman in the afternoon, where the woman takes care of the technology: it’s something different.

And Coen, what will he do then? Well, he seems to have indicated that he wants to play some nice solo records again. The story goes that the 12-14h period on Radio 538 is reserved for him. Great water carrier for the day, although I’m still in favor of three-hour blocks between the morning show with Wietze de Jager and the afternoon show with Frank Dane. He can easily let Swijnenberg do it from 1 pm to 4 pm. Incidentally, I see the man who is now doing 12-2pm on 538 (Niek van der Bruggen) still getting an important(er) role in the leadership of the hit station. Someone will have to take Coco Hermans’ place, whose days now seem numbered. He will probably become the right-hand man of Dave ‘Millionaire to be’ Minneboo and be in charge of at least the music, but probably even more at one day the country’s number 1.

Have you managed to get anything else out of those oh so valuable spies of yours, Kicken? Erm yes. The story Ruud de Wild to 3FM is still playing, especially now that Dane’s intended transfer has bounced in that direction. Beelen’s name is also mentioned, he has to refloat the ship he once had to get off if it is in the lead. I would say: if age no longer plays a role in the new 3FM, why not let all of us Eddy Keur open the day every day, that would be fun! Although, if Ruud leaves for 3, he might as well sit in his place, his replacements taste like more. For the rest, it was already announced yesterday that 538 designer Chris Hartgers will soon also park his (probably electric) car at the Mediapark instead of on the Bergweg, he will be the aide-de-camp of brand new 3FM General Menno de Boer. More news about the radio carousel coming soon! First let’s recover from this.. Coen and Sander split up.. People have gone to bed crying for less!

Patrick Kicken