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Patriots owner Robert Kraft threatens prosecution for promoting prostitution

American billionaire Robert Kraft (77), owner of Super Bowl winner New England Patriots, has been targeted for allegations of prostitution.

The police in Jupiter, Florida, announced at a press conference that Kraft belongs to a group of more than 200 people accused. He had not been arrested. Tatort was a "massage parlor" in Jupiter. In fact, it is supposed to be an establishment in which women pursue prostitution – possibly even not voluntarily. That's also why the salon was video-monitored as part of a human trafficking investigation.

According to police, there are testimonies and video footage to prove the guilt Kraft. "We are as stunned as anyone else," said Police Chief Daniel Kerr after Kraft was identified as one of the accused.

Grossrazzia for prostitution

Investigations in the case have been underway for eight months, during which five massage parlors were monitored. Ten more have already been closed. Kraft is said to have visited one of the salons twice, videos show that he should have paid for sexual activities money.

In a statement, a speaker Krafts denied any fault of the 77-year-olds. "We explicitly deny that Mr. Kraft has been involved in any illegal activity, and the ongoing investigation will not allow us to comment on the case," it says.

Kraft took over the Patriots in 1994. Since then, the franchise near Boston won six titles in the US football league. Most recently, star quarterback Tom Brady's team triumphed on 13 February, beating the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.



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