Patti Smith, Pauline Delabroy-Allard, Monica Sabolo… Discover the authors you can meet at the Amsperluète de Chartres

The season of meetings between authors and the public resumes, at the Ampersand in Chartres, with many appointments. Here are a few.

From September 30, the author will come to talk about her new novel, The Sacrificeswhich evokes the Spanish Civil War.

L’Amsperluète de Chartres publishes its dating program… and there are a few surprises

2/ Pauline Delabroy-Allard

On October 7, Pauline Delabroy-Allard will present Who knows?? (Gallimard), one of the most successful novels of the literary season. four years later It tells Sarahthe author goes in search of her origins in this work which takes unpredictable directions while remaining impeccably mastered.

3/ Patti Smith

October 22 is a day to mark with a white stone, since a poetry day will be offered with… Patti Smith?! The famous rock singer, who became a legend four decades ago with the album Horses or the tube Because the nightwill be live via the Zoom software with the bookseller Nicolas Gruszkiewicz… if all goes well?!

premium The L’Esperluète bookstore has returned to its premises in Chartres: “I was eager to discover the result of the work”

4/ Monica Sabolo

Another great moment to come: a meeting with Monica Sabolo on November 19. Her new novel, The Clandestine Life (Gallimard), is singular, since it intertwines an evocation of his personal life – especially his childhood – with an investigation of the far-left group Action Directe.
Suffice to say that the parallel was unexpected, and that it works, despite the fragility of the links between the two themes.

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