Patty has the right to hit the Junior US Open

Movement of “Patty” Pimrada Jatawapornwanich, 17-year-old tennis player, hand 1, Thai youth, Thai national team degree, large set that previously did a good job Won both women’s singles and women’s doubles championships. from patrolling the clay court competition in the International Youth Tennis Tournament in Poland

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Recently, “Patty” competes in a larger list of youth in the ITF World Tennis Tour Junior Championship, collecting points for the youth world rankings, “J-One College Park, Prince George Country, International Hard Court ITF” Grade 1 in USA Between 23-28 Aug. 2021 and can go through to the finals Women’s doubles, get the results of the women’s doubles category. Finals, “Patty”, which is the 84th hand of the youth world and Zhao Yichen, a 15-year-old Chinese tennis player, ranked 750th in the youth world, against the strength of the 72nd hand of Lucia Sirich Bakarich. World Youth from Croatia and Brenda Fruhvirtova, the 70th-ranked World Youth from the Czech Republic. which is the 6th place guide on the list

By losing 0-2, sets 2-6 and 3-6, making the pair of “Patty” get the vice-champion position. Received 157 points in the World Youth Ranking, while the champion couple received 225 points. The semifinals after Pimrada defeated Mirra Andreyeva, the 57th-ranked Russian striker and the eighth-ranked of the 0-2, sets 3-6 and 2-6. However, from doing Continued good work in Poland in the past, “Patty” has received many points in the youth world rankings. And enough to qualify for the US Open youth tennis tournament “US Open Junior Tennis Championships 2021” or Junior US Open

with the name Pimrada Jatawapornwanich has the right to compete in the qualifying round or qualifying round Which announced through the website of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and from the results in the United States. Will make the world youth rankings of “Patty” have the opportunity to move up many more. “Patty” said he was very happy to have the opportunity to play in the junior US Open qualifiers because of the Covid-19 situation. causing no competition for nearly 17 months, so in the last 4 weeks therefore need to accelerate the collection of points in order to be eligible to participate in the competition

Even if the list is in the qualifying round will do his duty to the fullest Enter as deep as you can. I want everyone to cheer up and help cheer. In addition, thanks to the supporters. Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand, PTT or PTT, Yonex, Avenco Soft, CPPC, Smat It Tennis Academy and thanks to parents for their support. give Including everyone who always supported them. All of them are an important part that allows them to follow their dreams. Get the right to compete at the Junior US Open this time.

For the US Open youth tennis tournament, “US Open Junior Tennis Championships 2021” in New York, USA in the qualifying round, will compete at the Carey Leeds Tennis Center between 3-4 September 2021. Only 6 tennis players will be selected to qualify for the Main Draw round. at the National Tennis Center, USTA Billy Jean King, during 6-11 September 2021.


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