Paul George back tonight?

In great difficulty lately with 5 losses in a row, the Los Angeles Clippers could count on a major asset for the home stretch. Indeed, the return of Paul George seems imminent. Absent in the last 43 games of his team, Sunday he had made 5-against-5 and yesterday he participated normally in the training of his team.

“We have to see how today’s training goes and how it feels, then we’ll see from there,” said Tyronn Read. “Whatever the medical staff thinks is ideal, that’s what we’ll do. »

The winger is officially announced doubtful for the meeting tonight at home against the Jazz. He could therefore be in the game for the first time since December and his tearing of a ligament in his right elbow. If it’s not for tonight, maybe it will be for Thursday in Chicago.

“It would be huge,” Lue said of George’s eventual attendance. “As I always say, hope is stronger than fear. So having hope that he can come back would be great for our team, especially given the work our team has done throughout the season. The players played a different role, they did more than they normally would from one night to the next…right now we’re dragging a bit and getting a guy like PG back would definitely help us. ”

Via OC Register