Paul Haenen has a ‘short circuit in his head’ when he realizes that the end is approaching | Stars

The comedian, best known for his alter egos Margreet Dolman and Dominee Gremdaat, certainly had to deal with many disappointments in his youth. He struggled with his homosexuality and was rejected as a television producer in Hilversum. “I hope people learn that they shouldn’t accept it when the door closes in front of them,” Haenen said.

“There is always another door that opens. When I had to give up TV, I went into the theatre. I hope that young people learn that they themselves are central. The outside world is the problem, not you.”

‘Limited future’

Haenen increasingly realizes that he is approaching the end of his life. “It gives me a very strange short circuit in my head, the thought that I have a limited future,” he says. “I do what I do with the same naivety and the same childlike enthusiasm as before. I think it’s weird to realize that in five or ten years I’ll have to stop doing that. Or that my life has already ended.”

Haenen plays his annual year-end show with his alter egos Margreet Dolman and Dominee Gremdaat this year because of a renovation of his own theater Betty Asfalt in theater De Kleine Komedie and De Hallen Studios. The performances in De Kleine Komedie are sold out, tickets are still available for the evenings in De Hallen Studios. Haenen will play this series from 22 to 31 December.

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