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Paul Manafort and special adviser nearby plead guilty

A deal is expected, but the source warned that the two sides had been close before.

The incentive seems to be to reach an agreement in advance of a hearing before the trial on Friday, or before the jury for the Manafort trial over allegations of illegal foreign lobbying next week before the US District Court in Washington.

It was not clear if Manafort would be required to cooperate with Mueller. The lawsuit is expected to relate to the two charges he faces – the upcoming lawsuit in DC and the 10 charges he faces in Virginia after a number of charges have identified misconduct.

ABC reported Thursday that a preliminary deal has been reached.

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Manafort has not yet filed a new lawsuit before the judge and the prosecutor have announced the terms of an agreement he has made. That could happen at a court hearing on Friday.

During this week, there are increasing indications that an agreement on an agreement is being prepared. The members of Manafort's Legal Department were seen for several hours on Thursday at the Special Counseling Bureau's office. A member of the legal department of Manafort brought lunch to the office building. A prosecutor who had him tried in Virginia and worked with the US Attorney's office – not the special spokesman's office – was also present on Thursday, meaning that others outside the DC process are still working on the case ,

Then, the judge who oversaw his case has postponed Amy Berman Jackson twice, an important court hearing over his upcoming trial. She first pulled it from Wednesday to Friday, then put it back one and a half hours on Friday morning and gave no reason.

This story breaks and is updated.



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