Paul McCartney Performs ‘Virtual Duet’ With John Lennon

Technology even influences the classics, and to show a button: ex-beatle Paul McCartney performed a virtual duet with his friend and former partner, John Lennon.

At a recent concert, held in the US town of Spokane, Paul McCartney surprised the audience by announcing that he would perform a duet with John Lennon, who died more than 40 years ago in New York.

“We have something special for you. Peter Jackson said if I wanted, he could do John’s voice,” McCartney noted.

The surprise was hearing the clear voice of John Lennon singing I’ve got a feelingin the version performed by the band at their last concert, held on the roof of Apple Corps in London in 1969.

This presentation served as the start of the tour Got backin which McCartney will offer 16 concerts in North American cities before concluding his tour at the Glastonbury Festival, a week after his 80th birthday, on June 25.

“They said ‘come back’ and we came back. And she feels good. You’ll have to give me a moment, just to let me get in the mood,” McCartney said with his usual sense of humor.

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are the last survivors of The Beatles, a group that revolutionized world music in the 1960s. Their companions, John Lennon and George Harrison, died a few years ago, the first victim of an attack by a follower and the second as a result of cancer.

The tour Got back by Paul McCartney will give a couple more shows in Seattle on May 2-3, followed by concerts in California, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey, with tickets ranging from 82 and 185 dollars.