Paul Pogba wants to go abroad

Manchester City have just announced Erling Haaland’s move. Pep Guardiola apparently has to put another top transfer out of his head. Preferred candidate Paul Pogba prefers an engagement outside of England.

The Manchester United player saves his current employer the embarrassment of switching to his arch-rival. As the American TV broadcaster ESPN found out, Pogba would like to move abroad. So far, however, the Frenchman is keeping all options open.

There will be no shortage of offers anyway. In addition to Man City, Real Madrid, FC Bayern, Juventus Turin and Paris Saint-Germain have been associated with the international in the past. The latter two teams are said to have the best chances of signing.

Returning to Torino, Pogba would find himself in an uncertain situation as Juve have fallen far short of their own expectations this season and are planning major changes. The old lady, with whom Pogba became a world star between 2012 and 2016, would try to score points with the nostalgia track.

In Paris, one thing counts above all: money. PSG are said to offer Pogba the best financial offer right now. In addition, the ambitious 29-year-old in the French capital has the opportunity to finally win titles again. While the Parisians have dominated at least at national level for years, Pogba last won a trophy in Manchester in 2017.