Paulette (83) has received more than 60 stab wounds from a man she has always known: “Help, stop, Thomas …”

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Paulette was a charming old lady. Despite the misfortunes and sorrows that had marked her life, she was sociable, much appreciated by those around her, she loved travel and crosswords. And above all, she adored her grandson, Nico, who lived with her.

On the evening of the events, May 31, 2019, she was however alone in her apartment in the Cité Heureuse in Châtelet when Thomas rang at her door, a bottle of rosé in his hand. Thomas was the grandson of a friend of Paulette’s, he would pass by from time to time to say hello.

► That evening, several occupants of the building were worried about the old lady. “Help, stop it, Thomas …”

► Thomas Lesire is arrested the next morning, when he has just spent the night with his grandmother.

► Nico, Paulette’s grandson, apprehends: “I couldn’t say goodbye to the person I loved the most in the world”


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