Paul’s 16-iron free throw in 7.8 seconds sinks the Clippers, 18+4+7 single anti-lock pickle_assist

Original title: Paul’s 16-iron free throw in 7.8 seconds sinks the Clippers 18+4+7 single anti-lock pickle

On June 27th, Beijing time, the NBA playoffs continued fierce battles, in which the Phoenix Suns narrowly defeated the Los Angeles Clippers 84-80, with a total score of 3-1. Paul made 6 of 22 shots, only 18 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists, but in the last 7.8 seconds, he made 6 free throws and 5 free throws to seal the victory and get the match point.

In the third game of the series, Paul completed the personal milestone of 1,000 assists in the playoffs. However, because he did not play in the first two games of the series, Paul’s touch was seriously reduced. He played 39 minutes in the third game, but Only 5 of 19 shots.

In the fourth game, Paul continued to start, but CP3 still didn’t seem to find the feel of “Sao Paulo”. He played for nearly 16 minutes in the first half, but only made 1 of the first 5 shots. In the sixth shot before halftime, Paul finally hit his iconic emergency stop jumper. He made 2 of 6 shots and scored 4 points.

Scoring is not strong, but Paul’s assists are still the Clippers’ most troublesome thing, he sent the highest five assists of the two teams in two quarters. In the first goal of the opening, Paul assisted Ayton in the process of the breakthrough and scored 2+1, and the final attack before the end of the half was still Paul hitting and assisting Bridges to easily eat inside.

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In addition to the stable output on the offensive end, Paul often misplaced his defensive end to guard George “Pickled Pepper”.

In the second quarter, when George was about to take advantage of his height to play Paul alone, Paul always relied on George with his body. The continuous pressing made “Pickled Pepper” lose his patience. In the end, George was sentenced to an offensive foul for swinging his arm and pushing someone. Paul has a very classic scene on the defensive end.

Paul’s playoff experience is very rich, he also strives for perfection in every possession of the ball. However, there are also cases of “stealing the chicken and losing the rice”. This scene happened at 8 minutes and 10 seconds of the third quarter.

At that time, the Clippers missed the fast break and Paul got the ball. As he saw Beverly returning to defense quickly, Paul suddenly slowed down and blocked Beverly’s body, which caused Beverley to react untimely. Eventually knocked Paul over. But this time, the referee called Paul an offensive foul, which was his fourth turnover in the field. However, Paul also gained. Beverley was also whistled for a technical foul because of frantically complaining to the referee.

Due to Paul’s poor touch, the Clippers’ strategy of defending Paul has also become “preventing the pass but not the shot.” In the third quarter, Paul had no assists. He shot 3 of 9 shots and scored 7 points. The Clippers also took the opportunity to narrow the difference.

In the last quarter, the two teams had only one point difference, and the two teams didn’t score in 3 minutes. After the timeout, Paul made a high toss after the pick and roll and Ayton completed an aerial relay dunk. Since then, Paul successfully defended George alone, and then assisted Booker to hit a shot. His career playoff assists totaled 1,007 times, surpassing Dennis Johnson, ranking 12th in the playoff history assists list.

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With 53 seconds left, Booker left the field on 6 fouls, but Paul caused George to foul for the third time. Unfortunately, Paul missed two stops in the field. In the last 7.8 seconds, Paul made consecutive foul free throws and he made 5 of 6 free throws to seal the victory.

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