Pavel Trávníček (71) – His son helps him in the fight against old age!

He suffers from pain, but still doesn’t give up. And Pavel Trávníček, who is celebrating his 71st birthday, doesn’t even want to give it up. The famous fairytale prince from Cinderella is the oldest dancer in the popular Czech Television show StarDance this year. Originally, he didn’t even want to go to the project, precisely because of his age. But then he realized that he didn’t want to be one of those who whined about old age. The movement and the related suffering he has after demanding training is exactly what keeps him alive. What ultimately led the actor to decide to go to a dance marathon? And what is he most afraid of?

Son is a success!
Lawn realized that having a child at a later age has its great advantage. It forces a person to be constantly alert and with his senses. “It’s a bit of selfishness, I admit. Because having a baby so late is an aphrodisiac. And at a later age, you make fewer educational mistakes and have much more time. When you are healthy and nothing hurts or bothers you, your values ​​are different, “ he explained, saying that Max was everything to him. “My greatest achievement in life is my Maximilian. And the rest, the film fame, you can just watch as it disappears forever, “ realizes the actor, who has two more sons from previous relationships, Adam and Paul. Pavel devotes all his time to his little son, so when information appeared on his website in March this year that his wife Monika (35) wanted to take his boyfriend, everyone was surprised. However, the pair stated that nothing like this was happening and it was a hacker attack. The case was even handed over to the police. Lawn realizes that glory is field grass. His fairy-tale Cinderella Libuše Šafránková had the same opinion († 68). She was also popular in Germany, but she never endured it. Family also came first for her. “Everyone was in love with Libuška. Including me. She was very sincere, she had clear eyes. But she was definitely a strong personality and could stand up for herself. Everyone was nice to her, she radiated a special mood, “ Trávníček told Libuška, who often called her to go with him to Germany for a film festival. “I told her, Libra, you can’t even imagine how famous you are there. Come on! And she never went, she didn’t like her fame. “ entrusted the actor, who also dedicated her first dance in StarDance. We’ll see how far the actor dances in the show. At the time of the closing of this issue, he had the first elimination round ahead of him.

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