Pavia, a hailstorm destroys the Oltrepò vineyards. “An economic disaster for the territory” –

Ice grains as large as walnuts fell on the vineyards that cover the Pavia hills, accompanied by gusts of wind over a very large area of ​​the Oltrepò, heavily damaging the crops. Crushed bunches, entire rows destroyed, and producers now forced to count the damage. The violent hailstorm that struck on the evening of Monday 28 June in the centers of Zenevredo, Bosnasco and Montù Beccaria. Patchy damage was also reported in Rovescala, San Damiano al Colle and Stradella, as well as in the cereals of the first plain in the Arena Po area.

Coldiretti technicians are monitoring the consequences of bad weather together with the winemakers in the area. An economic disaster for the area, if it is estimated that the vineyards transformed in a few minutes into a carpet of ice, are 80% of those that cover that area. “On these hills of Oltrepò Pavese – Coldiretti Pavia points out in a note – a thousand hectares of vineyards are cultivated, with excellent productions such as Croatina and Pinot Nero from which Bonarda and the Classic Method are born”. Oltrepò Pavese is the first vineyard area in Lombardy, with over 13,000 hectares of vineyards.

«Our technicians immediately mobilized to provide assistance to farms hit by this violent hailstorm – says Stefano Greppi, president of Coldiretti Pavia -. According to initial estimates, in the areas affected by bad weather, damage to the vineyards could reach peaks of 80 percent ». At this moment the vines are in the phase of enlargement of the berries and closure of the bunches. “A hailstorm now – continue from Coldiretti Pavia – irremediably marks the season: in the most affected vines, this year’s production is compromised, and that of next season could also be affected. In Italy we are facing the consequences of climate change with a tendency to tropicalization and the multiplication of extreme events, with a higher frequency of violent events, seasonal displacements, short and intense rainfall and the rapid transition from the sun to bad weather that caused the loss over 14 billion euros in a decade, between falls in national agricultural production and damage to structures and infrastructures in the Italian countryside ».

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June 29, 2021 | 17:49