Paweł and Katarzyna Golcowie at the gala. The singer rarely poses with his wife [ZDJĘCIA]

Wife of Paweł Golec, Katarzyna, is not a regular visitor of the so-called showrooms. For many years he has consistently avoided show business. That is why you certainly associate Edyta much more – the beloved of the other twin. who is a member of the popular band Golec uOrkiestra. Katarzyna Golec, who with her husband is raising two daughters: Maja and Anna, has been living in the shadow of a well-known family for years, supporting a family group, doing it quietly, behind the scenes. Despite the popularity of Paweł he is rarely persuaded to pose by photojournalists during famous industry events attended by crowds of people. Sometimes though she sometimes makes an exception – then she steals the media’s attention every time.

Paweł and Katarzyna Golcowie on the wall. The musician’s wife in eye-catching styling

This happened recently when the Golce couple appeared at the gala Herbapol Esencja Natury 2021, led by Agnieszka Woźniak-Starak. For this occasion she chose a silver dress above the knee. The sparkling creation that stood out among everyone broke a bit black jacket with a belt, which gave the whole the elegance of the so-called “claw”. She added to the styling a silver clutch bag and black patent shoes without a heel.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic begins, Golcowie had the opportunity to appear at the Herbapol gala in 2019. There, too, the musician’s wife presented herself in a very elegant, but much more classic and subdued outfit. Talking about long black mermaid dress.

Compare both styles – which one do you like more?