Paweł Gajewski, head of TVP 3 Warsaw, Rafał Kotomski, suspended

Kotomski became the director of the Warsaw branch of TVP in December 2017. He is a journalist and writer – before the National Media Council appointed him to this position, from May 2017 he was the acting director of this branch. Previously, he was associated with Telewizja Polska (as the publisher of “Wiadomości”) and with Radio Merkury. – All my life I felt like a journalist and publicist. I worked in newspapers, in “Gazeta Wyborcza”, in TVN24, in “Tygodnik Poznański”, I wrote for “Gazeta Polska” and was the publisher of the portal – said the freshly appointed director of TVP3 in 2017 for the website. – I was also the press spokesman of President Leszno Łukasz Borowiak, after the victorious election campaign that I co-created.

Paweł Gajewski at the head of TVP3 Warsaw

Public the sender does not give reasons for which the head of TVP3 was suspended. Unofficially, however, we found out that it has to do with work on a new common TVP3 bandwhich would be implemented in branches from October.

Kotomski – as officially Polish Television informs us – has been suspended indefinitely. Our information shows that he is unlikely to return to the position he held for over three years. – The duties of the director of TVP3 Warsaw are performed by the director of TVP3, Mr. Paweł Gajewski – informs the portal by the TVP spokesman team.

Gajewski – by the decision of the TVP board – has been the editor-in-chief and director of TVP3 since the beginning of May. At that time, Marcin Szypszak (he moved from TAI) became the head of the common bands, and Beata Drobek is in charge of the production. In the opinion of people from the management circles of Telewizja Polska – the fact that Paweł Gajewski now takes the leadership of the most important local center is not only a natural consequence of the suspension of Rafał Kotomski, but it is also expected to improve the implementation of a refreshed shared band in local centers.

Gajewski began his career as deputy director in the TVP corporate affairs office. In February 2018, he was promoted to TAI’s deputy chief operating officer. In October of the same year, he became the deputy director of the Television Information Agency, responsible, inter alia, for investments and finances. He was responsible on behalf of the TVP board for the organization and conduct of subsequent election debates, starting from 2016. In addition to managing TVP3, Paweł Gajewski also produces documentaries for TVP. He was the producer of the documentary about Krzysztof Krawczyk, premiered on TVP at the end of 2020.