Pay attention to a balanced diet in old age


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Especially for people over 65 years, a balanced diet is important. Older people are often affected by vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, reports the journal »Neue Apotheken Illustrierte« (issue November 1, 2019).


The age-critical nutrient alphabet does not begin with "A", but begins with "B" – more specifically, "B12." For example, this vitamin is found in offal, such as liver, but can also be absorbed through fish, cheese or egg yolk. Vitamin C is recommended for fresh fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, paprika and citrus fruits.

Also out in the sun

Vitamin D is not absorbed in sufficient quantities by food alone. Although it is contained in fatty fish such as eel, salmon or herring. The vitamin is also formed in the body, if you go regularly in the sun.

To provide vitamin E, the experts recommend cold-pressed vegetable oils, wheat germ, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds. Although folate starts with F, but belongs to the B vitamins and is found among others in wheat germ, liver, kidney, spinach or Brussels sprouts.

Think of minerals

Due to the changing needs in old age, the report also suggests that minerals sometimes become scarce. His calcium needs can be covered, for example, with milk, cheese, broccoli or leeks.

Magnesium is found among others in nuts and legumes. The trace element iron, in turn, is found mainly in meat, egg yolk and some legumes, as well as in whole grains and soy products.

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