Pay or we’ll tell you .. The hidden corners of the online sexual fraud


Pay or we will tell you .. The scenes of the hidden world of online sexual fraud The Charter, quoting Post politicians, we publish to you pay or we will expose you .. The scenes of the hidden world of online sexual fraud, pay or we will expose you .. The scenes of the hidden world of online sexual fraud We send you our visitors Go through our website and start with the most important news, pay or we will expose you .. The hidden scenes of the online sexual fraud. The charter is alone in the house. It receives a request for friendship from an account that bears the name of a girl he does not know. Nothing seems strange. Samir has a lot of old study or work knowledge whose name is not mentioned, and without much hesitation he presses the button to accept the application. This will open the doors of hell to himself. The next day, Samir received a text message from her accountant saying, “Hello, how are you? I looked at your Facebook account and loved you so much. “This prompted him to reexamine his account. He had dreamy thoughts. The picture of the girl was very exciting for Samir. That night, they started chatting via Skype. I heard you in our hands .. I will pay or destroy your life I told him that she was 23 years old, from southern Lebanon, and that her parents had died. She lived with her sister, who was rude, but she was lucky outside the house now, which gave her the freedom to talk to him about her interests. Immediately, I simply told him that she liked “sex”. At this point, even though it was interesting and exciting, curiosity and skepticism were leaking into the heart of Samir, an Arab girl who talks about this sexiness with a stranger, but he decided to take the adventure. He had just lost his girlfriend and needed ” Emotional compensation », decided that Sisair that girl and put all his fears and suspicions aside, he had reached a high degree of desire to overwhelm everything. Embed from Getty Images I asked him to open the webcam; immediately before, and asked her to do the same thing, she looked very beautiful on the screen, the beauty that the man loses his mind as soon as he sees him, asked not to speak through the microphone so as not to distract her sister, It was very tempting. Samir slowly took control of himself and began to respond to everything that he ordered him to do. She showed her genitals in front of the camera, told him that her role had come, she went gracefully and relaxed, then began masturbating, had never seen anything like this before, she was doing it smoothly and honestly, Samir began masturbating in front of the camera, I asked him about his work, and whether I was rich or not, he replied approvingly, suddenly told him that her older sister was coming, and that she would end the conversation. Half an hour later, Samir received a shocking message to Facebook: “Listen, I’m a man. You recorded a video of you practicing masturbation. Do you want to see it?” Then he sent a clip of what Samir himself had portrayed the alleged girl, five minutes of arousal. «I have a list of friends on Facebook, I have accounts of your mother and your sister and your relatives, you have one week to send me 5,000 euros, otherwise the scandal awaits you». This is not a fictional story, it is a real story, and the name “Samir” here is the pseudonym of a young Palestinian Roy tells his story to the BBC, which was published in a survey entitled “Sexual Fraud via Skype – “In the end, Samir ignored the subject of blackmail, saying that there is no guarantee that he will not be offered even if he pays the required amount, but that he will be blackmailed later and again. «Capitals» sexual extortion around the world Thousands of people like Samir were victims of similar sex fraud. The vast majority of these victims succumb to blackmail and eventually have to pay and surrender. The alleged Lebanese girl was probably one of the most skilled young men in the Moroccan valley of Zamz. The Valley of Zem «City of 3 thousand Almtaz» As described by another investigation prepared by the newspaper «Sun» British, after the spread of frauds suffered by British citizens by the youth of the city, which became the “capital” of sexual extortion on the Internet, according to reports, and became the activity A source of livelihood for many of its unemployed youth. “We use pre-recorded videos of porn stars, they play real webcam sessions, and when the Web cam opens, we use certain software that makes the other party see the video,” he said. And he does not see us. ” According to the testimonies of the investigation, almost everyone falls into the trap, even those who appear at first sight most of them and sponsors, trick deceive everyone, sex is the greatest weakness in human beings, and the vast majority give in to blackmail and decided to pay, The Valley of Zem is well prey, preferring those with easy access to relatives and acquaintances, married couples, wealthy people who are able to pay attractive sums. In general, people from the Persian Gulf countries remain a popular target. In a city where most of its people are unemployed and without much development, thousands of young people have made their fortune by fraud. As the Sun correspondent says, in 2005 there were only two banks in the city. Today, the city has about 15 banks and 40 money transfer agencies. Take a tour of the city, you’ll know the reasons, there’s no place for young people to work, everyone here is working on hackers or online scams. One of the youth of Wadi Zam, Arab New ». The epicenter of the crime is widespread in several parts of Asia and Africa, such as Côte d’Ivoire, Nigeria and the Philippines. Statistics show that the number of victims has doubled year after year. The number of Britons caught up in sexual fraud Of this kind of about tenfold between 2015 and 2016, some of which ended with tragic results when the victim was unable to face the scandal; he decided to end his life by committing suicide. According to a previous study, about 30,000 Gulf men were subjected to blackmail on the Internet, where the Saudis are the main victims, followed by Kuwaitis and Emiratis, and some incidents resulted in suicides among the victims, after the young fraudster decides in response to the victim ignoring his requests to escalate matters, Between the victim’s friends and relatives. The prevalence of young people’s involvement in such cases is attributed to several factors, including the loneliness of youth, poor parental control of their children’s behavior on social networks, youth’s disregard for basic privacy rules and acceptance of random friendship requests. What if you fall into the trap? Well, what can you do if you are exposed to such a problem? It is better, of course, not to unleash your instincts and not to compromise your privacy policy. You do not already have such a problem, but if you do and do not want to pay, As some experts say, or who have experienced similar experiences on the Cora platform. Try to collect as much financial information as possible for the fraudster, as long as you do not meet him face-to-face, and he will have to ask you to send him money across the border, such as a Western Union account. . Embed from Getty Images Then you can use your negotiation skills to trade what you have with the fraudster, tell him that you have details of his accounts now, and that you can tell the police about him, where he will be under arrest and identification, and tell him you will not tell the police as long as he does not publish your video , These crooks in the end are not old criminals, but just young people, and more likely to leave you and go to others. You can also use search engines – like Google – every day for a week or two after the incident to make sure that person has not implemented his threat. Most non-sex video download sites, such as YouTube, do not allow pornographic content to be posted on their platforms. Section with the deletion of the publisher account; which helps to reduce the damage. You may also be able to tell your family and close friends about it, and apologize to them. It would be better than being surprised by your naked image on an anonymous video clip. In the end, you must know for sure that this position – for its embarrassment – is not the end of the world; Continue, and everyone will forget your whole story in a few days, practice your life normally, and do not stop it at that setback. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings with the Family Charter website.
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