Business payment is made by deposit

payment is made by deposit


Land income cannot be deducted at source by a third party collector. Payment of tax will be made by monthly or quarterly installments depending on the taxpayer’s choice.

[Mis à jour le 9 janvier à 16h20] Since 1st January 2019, the reform of the withholding tax is implemented. Land income cannot be deducted at source by a third party collector. The administration has decided that the payment of the tax would be made by installments. It is article 204 C of the General Tax Code which provides this provision.

In 2019, the amount of the installments calculated by the tax administration is made on your declaration of May 2018 revenue (2017 revenue). So it’s on your 2017 net property income that the amount of the deposit will be fixed for this beginning of 2019. This amount will be valid until August but it will be updated in September thanks to the tax return made in May. At any time, it is also possible to report a large variation or a cessation of collection of property income to the administration on the site.

The administration gives the taxpayer the choice of opting for a monthly or quarterly deposit. If the taxpayer opts for the quarterly direct debit, he must report it to the tax authorities no later than 1st October of the year preceding the application of the quarterly deposit (in N for N + 1). The deposit (monthly or quarterly) is taken directly from the taxpayer’s bank account at the latest the 15th of the month.

Taxpayers who receive property income through, for example, a real estate company (SCI) or a real estate investment company (SCPI) are subject to the deposit system as a taxpayer who directly receives property income.


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