Paz Padilla boasts of physical form on Instagram

Paz Padilla has boasted on social networks of the good physical tone that she has achieved thanks to a good training routine, a healthy diet and a lot of discipline. The presenter has showcased her abdomen while showing off biceps and has highlighted the importance of staying active regardless of age. “When age is not a barrier“, Paz expresses to accompany a photograph in which he looks really spectacular at 52 years old.

In their stories She has also shown her gym, a place where she has been accompanied with a Civil Guard shirt while promoting ‘A simple sight’, the contest that will soon disappear from the grid. Along with her on this path to physical fulfillment has been María Macías, coach and personal friend of a Paz Padilla who on more than one occasion has posed with her on Instagram.

The presenter from Cádiz has suffered a great weight loss, but it was not only the result of her training and her diet. The culprit has been a virus that has made him lose his size: “I have been to Egypt. How beautiful! But I have brought a virus and I have lost weight … I have a 34“, expressed in Telecinco.

Paz Padilla, criticized for her reappearance in ‘Save me’

His return to ‘Save me’ has caused him a few criticisms on social networks, especially after his way of talking about one of the issues that has become topical in recent days: the Rocío Wanninkhof case. The Documentary series available on HBO Max, which premiered last Sunday with a Telecinco special, focuses on the testimony of Dolores Vázquez, the woman who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 519 days in prison for a crime that shocked Spain.

In the networks, several users did not forgive that Paz Padilla referred to the protagonist as “Dolores Vázquez, the culprit according to the judges.” In addition, they highlighted the way in which he spoke about the death of Rocío Wanninkhof, supposedly always with a smile on his face.