PBH resumes night visits for inspection to combat Aedes aegypti

Belo Horizonte City Hall has resumed night visits to properties in the capital, to schedule inspections that aim to eliminate outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito. The actions are carried out in homes where, during business hours, it was not possible for the Endemic Combat Agents (ACEs) or Sanitary Agents (ASs) to have access. Programming had been reduced during the Covid-19 pandemic, and, with the decrease and stabilization of cases in the capital, mobilization was resumed.

At night, Civil Defense teams visit the addresses provided by the Municipal Health Department to check the day and time when the resident will be at home. After the contact, the information is passed on to the regional management of Zoonoses to schedule inspections and the attendance of ACEs or ASs at the locations – including on weekends, if necessary.

“It is very important that those people who stay outside during the day receive the Civil Defense at night to assess available times and later schedule inspections. It is worth emphasizing that 80% of mosquito outbreaks are in the home environment, so the population needs to be aware of the importance of combat actions”, explains the undersecretary of health promotion and surveillance, Fabiano Pimenta.

Civil Defense agents, as well as ACEs and ASs, work in uniform and with identification badges. According to the municipal undersecretary of Civil Defense and Protection, Colonel Waldir Figueiredo, the purpose of the night visits is to access even more places.

“People tend to think that breeding sites only appear in the neighbor’s yard and often end up neglecting their own home. If each person collaborates in the fight against the mosquito, he will be contributing to reduce the risks of the diseases that it transmits, which can victimize a family member or a neighbor “, he warned.

In 2022, to date, more than one million three hundred thousand inspections of properties have been carried out. In these actions, possible mosquito breeding sites are identified and eliminated, and the agents also pass on guidelines to citizens on how to prevent the proliferation of Aedes aegypti.

In addition to the actions carried out by the City Hall, it is essential that the population also eliminate the outbreaks of mosquitoes in homes with some basic care, such as:

– Remove the small plates of plants;

– Pack the garbage in a plastic bag and keep it in a covered bin until the day of collection;

– Keep the water tank sealed, leaving no gaps;

– Clean the gutters and remove leaves and other materials that may impede the flow of water;

– Treat pools with chlorine and clean at least once a week;

– Keep the yard always clean and free of any material that could become a focus for Aedes aegypti.