PC, why is Windows 7 still a good choice?


Windows 7 is struggling to give way. Windows 10 market share improves over the months but despite the sometimes aggressive push of Microsoft to impose it to convince users to adopt it, Windows 7 is and remains the most widely used operating system in the world. This reality raises questions. It highlights a gap between the needs of the market (professionals and the general public) and those of Microsoft. The firm, by its nature, must produce to secure its finances. Like any business its its goal is to make money. There is nothing shocking, it is the DNA of any society. The main problem is the nature of his product. We are in front of an operating system. Its vocation is to propose tools of dialogue between a machine, a PC, and its user. They allow to exploit its potential, its power for different purposes (production, entertainment, multimedia, surfing, video games, creation …). Once this is done, it becomes clear that Windows 10 is normally there to offer more effective tools to justify its adoption and the abandonment of its predecessor. The latest statistics around Windows 7 are unanimous. Despite his age, he still equips the majority of PCs in the world. Windows 10, Windows 7 is still number 1 Why is he still massively present? Why is a platform supposed not to offer the “best of the best” still used? Windows 7, a powerful OS in many areas There are several possible answers. One of them is that it perfectly meets the essential needs. If we look at common tasks on PC, it boils down to web browsing, online communication (email, video conference, social networks …), multimedia (movies and music) or even the game. each case, this OS has the necessary to respond effectively. Often, even third-party software is used. Let’s mention Firefox or Chrome for web browsing, VLC for multimedia, Skype for videoconferencing. So why change? The question is interesting and Redmond surely knows the answer. This may explain his policy to ban Windows 7 with the latest processors. Windows 7, Microsoft Prohibits Ryzen and Kaby Lake Processors In the aforementioned uses Windows 10 S or S mode is approaching Windows 7 but with a huge disadvantage. This special version of Windows 10 limits the uses to the Windows Store. So it may offer more secure environment but at the expense of a significant loss of freedom. The big problem of Microsoft is to have bet in part on Windows 10 to initialize a new policy. Redmond dreams of becoming a “Google” on PC in the sense that its Microsoft Store becomes unavoidable. One way to secure revenue on every sale. In parallel Windows has become a service to the image of Android and iOS evolving through Windows Update. Here again, many discussions can take place. A change of OS on PC is a very risky operation. For many a crash, problems of instability or compatibility are not possible. We will not even talk about the professionals or the situation is in this critical case. Is Windows 10 really a 100% OS? If Windows 7 is a 100% “operating system” software, is Windows 10 too? It naturally offers all the necessary of a modern bone but unfortunately it wears a “tool” jacket. A tool for the implementation of a new economic development policy. Recall that for the first time in its history the firm to give users its OS. This proves that it is not in itself a “product” to earn money but a “means” to achieve it. We are in the same perspective as the one invented by Google. Windows 10 is accompanied by open doors for monitoring and data collection, desktop advertising tools, and highlighting software that users do not necessarily need. The best example is without discussion the presence of Candy Crush for the professional version. All this may be a restraint on the part of consumers and professionals. Needless to say, this worries Microsoft. The main reason is the end-of-life date of Windows 7. Its roadmap announces a stop of its extended support in January 2020. Without a major change, we are moving towards a situation with Windows XP. In 2014, when Microsoft stopped supporting this system, 25% of the computers in the world were left on the side of the road in terms of security … What do you think ?


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