Pd, the report on pro-Russians that puts Augias among the Putinians. And he: “My arms fall off”

A report on pro-Russians embarrasses the Democratic Party. The Honorable Andrea Romano presented it yesterday in the Chamber at a press conference to which they gave package the foreign head of the party Lia Quartapelle and Riccardo Magi of + Europa. And this is because the document “Misinformation on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict”Edited by the non-governmental organizations Italian Federation of Human Rights and Open Dialogue is quite confusing. Since he slips into a Putinian cauldron Alessandro Orsini e Corrado Augias with Oliver Stone for an interview with Vladimir Putin. Augias’s “fault” is that of having conducted an episode of Rebus by interviewing the historian Alessandro Barbero.

“Putinian to whom?”

The two NGOs explain today a Republic that by disinformation they mean “the dissemination not of opinions, which are legitimate, but of facts, data and arguments that are not reflected in reality” and they argue that Pd and + Europe had no role in drafting the report. While Romano, who booked the room for the event, says that «the issue of the penetration of Russian disinformation in Italy is there for all to see. Unfortunately, he also walks on the legs of very valid journalists who, often unconsciously, do not contrast the facts as they are with Putinian disinformation. And the facts always come before the opinions which are all legitimate ».

The best answer, however, is that of Augias. That’s right on Republic he replies like this: «The arms fall. Not for the senseless accusation but for the drafters of him. I wonder where they get their information, with what criteria, what preparation, do they evaluate it. I went with my memory in search of a possible source. I think I found it in the fact that, in the course of the Rebus (Raitre) program, I said that we must also keep in mind the historical reasons that may have motivated the Russian dictator in his aggression against Ukraine. The subtitle of the program is the famous Virgilian motto “To know the causes“, Try to understand why things happen”. And finally: “I urge the drafters of the accusation to cultivate reading and, if desired, a few words of regret.”

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