PDIP Requests Formula E Success Data, Deputy Governor of DKI Riza: Please Audit

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, responded to criticism about the claim of success of Formula E Jakarta. This criticism was conveyed by a PDIP DKI Jakarta politician, Gilbert Simanjuntak, who said that the forced Formula E event gave the impression as if the event was a success without clear data.

Responding to this, Riza said that if the requested data were to be audited, please. “Yes, please, if there are findings from friends in the DPRD,” he said at DKI City Hall, Central Jakarta, on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

According to him, the audit is a normal process. The Gerindra Party politician explained that this was not only related to the implementation of electric car racing events. “All activities also go through a process and evaluation,” he said.

Challenge Anies Baswedan to talk about data

Previously, Gilbert, who is also a member of Commission B of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, assessed that the extraordinarily large budget for Formula seemed to be covered because it had been implemented and claimed to be successful. In fact, the essence of the problems that arise is the use of the APBD which violates the rules many times.

This, said Gilbert, has occurred since the signing in New York, United States without planning, then the expenditure of the commitment fee, and forcing it into the APBD-P. This includes forcing the event to be held at Monas without planning and understanding the rules.

“Even though they finally forced it to be carried out on swampy land for the Formula E event in Ancol,” he said in a written statement on Thursday, June 15, 2022.

According to Gilbert, the amount of the budget that came out, and the boasts of those who said it was profitable, as well as criticism of the Governor of DKI Anies Baswedan and his staff should be answered with valid data.

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“The data is very precise and good if it is audited by a third party, with a five star auditor or by BPKP with a special audit,” he said.

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