PDIP The Only Holder of the Golden Ticket for the 2024 Presidential Election

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Chairman of the Election Winning Body of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (Bappilu PDIP), Bambang Wuryanto, stated that his party is the only political party (party) that hasgolden ticket‘ for the Presidential Election (presidential election) 2024.

According to him, PDIP can nominate pairs of presidential and vice presidential candidates (capres-cawapres) in the 2024 presidential election without forming a coalition with other political parties.

“[Hal] What needs to be understood is that PDIP is the only party that holds golden ticket to run for legislative and presidential elections. If the theory presidential threshold 20 percent, only one, yes, so PDIP has it golden ticket,” said the owner of Pacul’s nickname to reporters at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta on Monday (1/11).

However, he reminded that the vote to win the presidential election must be more than 50 percent of the votes won. Therefore, Bambang continued, his party still needs to form a coalition in order to win to achieve the minimum 50 percent vote.

“50 percent is a plus, even though we PDIP can nominate themselves, there’s no 50 percent yet. Kadi has a clear rainbow in Indonesia, the parties. So do you think PDIP can nominate itself, in a coalition or not? this is what we say,” he said.

Previously, the Secretary General of PDIP Hasto Kristiyanto refused to talk about running for the 2024 election too early. He considered that the most important thing at this time was the handling of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which had not yet ended.

“Don’t bring up the contest too early, sorry President Jokowi. Because Mr. Jokowi now, when the pandemic is under control, he is moving quickly throughout Indonesia. This is what PDI-P has responded to,” Hasto said in a written statement, Sunday (31/10) yesterday.

According to Hasto, since the beginning, PDIP has expressed its position that the matter of the presidential candidate will be decided by General Chair Megawati Soekarnoputri. The party bearing the symbol of the bull also stated that the announcement of the presidential candidate was waiting for the right momentum.

“Mrs. Mega will decide later. Politics is an art. Later there will be momentum. The presidential and vice presidential candidates will be presented at the right moment,” he said.

Hasto on that occasion revealed that PDIP will hold a National Working Meeting (Rakernas) in early December to prepare for the 2024 election.

According to Hasto, in the National Working Meeting, the party will prepare all ranks so that the collective interests of the nation and state are resolved.

“So that the party’s responsibility to more than 270 million Indonesian people can be fulfilled as well as possible,” he added.


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