PDIP’s response to the Minister for Popularity, Golkar Bela Airlangga

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Golkar Party responding to the directives of the chairman of the DPP PDIP Said Abdullah, who said that ministers of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet should not be busy thinking about the 2024 presidential election (pilpres).

Golkar felt offended, because Said highlighted the ministers in the economic sector, of which the General Chairperson of the Golkar Party, Airlangga Hartarto, was the Coordinating Minister for the Economy.

The chairman of the Golkar Election Winning Body (Bappilu) Zainuddin Amali said that so far Airlangga had worked well. After all, he judged, there was nothing wrong if the ministers increased his popularity.

“Don’t think it’s because of the 2024 affair, then his obligations and duties are not carried out. Pak Airlangga did it right. We know how hard he works,” said Zainuddin at the Golkar DPD Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/11) night.

According to the Minister of Youth and Sports (Menpora), all tasks from President Joko Widodo to Airlangga have been carried out well.

He assessed that apart from the economic sector, Airlangga’s performance as Chairman of the Committee for Handling the Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPC-PEN) showed positive results.

“I think Mr. Airlangga is doing his job well. Mr. Airlangga’s duties as the head of KPC-PEN are well done, indeed to increase economic growth, then handling Covid-19, he is responsible for handling Covid-19 outside Java, he do well,” he said.

Amali admitted that he agreed with Gerindra Secretary General Ahmad Muzani’s statement that President Jokowi released ministers to increase popularity for the sake of 2024. According to him, this could be done as long as Jokowi’s duties were not ignored.

“The important thing is not to neglect the main task. As long as the main task is carried out well and I think Pak Airlangga is carrying out his duties as Coordinating Minister well,” explained Amali.

Said Abdullah previously said that Jokowi’s minister should not have time to deal with the issue of the 2024 presidential candidate.

“It’s like the ministers of the economy barely have time to take care of other things, let alone take care of themselves for the 2024 presidential candidate market,” Said said.

Jokowi’s ministers who take care of the economic sector during the Covid-19 pandemic have a big responsibility, considering the number of poor and unemployed people has increased, and economic growth has not returned to normal conditions.

On that basis, Said asked Jokowi’s minister in the economic field to be persistent and work to leave a legacy that can be imitated. According to him, the words and actions of a leader must be in line.

“Please focus on being a minister and don’t be tempted by dreams other than ministers,” he said.

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