Pea soup delivered at home for half the price when the winter is disappointing | Economy

Unilever and Too Good To Go, an initiative against food waste, will deliver products that can no longer be sold through the supermarket at half the price. Unilever, maker of Unox, Conimex, Knorr and Calvé, among others, has been working with Too Good To Go for some time. They are now taking the next step in this collaboration.

It is not about soup, sausage or peanut butter that has expired, but about products that the food manufacturer can no longer sell through the supermarket. “For example, a seasonal product such as pea soup. If it is not a cold winter, less is purchased than produced,” explains a Unilever spokesperson.

Or a special variant of peanut butter, which turns out not to be a blockbuster. In any case, these are shelf-stable products that are good for at least a week to a few months. “It can also be a product whose name is changed or where there is a mistake on the label.”

At Too Good To Go you can already order packages with products that would otherwise be thrown away. You can pick it up at a restaurant, bakery or supermarket. With the new form of cooperation with Unilever, the company now also delivers to home. Coverage is nationwide.

The intention is that more food producers will join the initiative in the future.