Peat burns city hall headquarters and veja the mayor


A mob set fire on Wednesday the Mayor of the Bolivian city of Vinto, whose mayor, the official Patricia Arce, was dragged down the street, where they sprayed her with paint and cut her hair, until she was rescued by the country's police, immersed in protests after the October 20 elections.

The incident occurred in the central region of Cochabamba, which throughout the day records serious disturbances with an undetermined number of wounded. A crowd stormed the municipal building of Vinto, a city of just over 60,000 inhabitants, which was set on fire before the mayor was forcibly removed from the government Movement for Socialism (MAS).

Maple was running barefoot on the street between shoves, until he fell to the ground among a crowd that shouted “murderous”, as shown by images of Bolivian media such as the daily newspapers Cochabambinos Los Tiempos y Opinión.

The mayor was sprayed with a reddish paint on her body and cut in her hair in the middle of the street, among a screaming of groups of people, many of them young, with sticks and stones. The event came after clashes between supporters and opponents of the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, who have succeeded in the country since the last elections of October 20.

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