The "dangerous" pedophile is now behind bars. Ryan English, a 22-year-old DJ, was sentenced to nine years in prison for raping a three-year-old boy on Thursday. At the time, the young artist was 15 and working in a nightclub.

The facts, about 20 rapes and sexual offenses according to the investigators, took place for the first time in the toilets of this club, insisted on specifying the Anglo-Saxon media, without it being indicated why such a young child s 'found there.

The mother of the child, heard in court, explained that the child was still traumatized by what he had experienced. Seven years later, the child still has nightmares. "He is anxious, complex and angry", regretted his mother.

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It was in 2017 that Ryan English was finally arrested after teams from another discotheque, privatized for a birthday party, were warned that he was offending with a child in the bathroom again.

He was therefore sentenced for three rapes, for sexual assault (he visibly masturbated in front of his small victim) but also for possession of child pornography.

He regularly downloaded videos on his mobile phone in which children were raped. He was also in contact with a suspect who regularly asked him for indecent pictures of children.

Faced with this chilling affair, the police inspector in charge of the investigation said "Happy" to see him now behind bars: "It represents a significant danger for children".

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