Pedophile general practitioners in Budapest harassed his patients, one of whom killed himself

The general practitioner in Budapest, against whom several of his patients have reported sexual harassment, is still practicing. Police are still investigating the man, who was previously reported for raping a mentally injured little girl under the age of 14. The girl later committed suicide.

According to Blikk, a man of Yemeni descent may have been practicing for many years with an investigation into the rape of a girl under the age of 14. The man met a minor in 2016 on a bus, with a mentally ill girl whom she cheated on herself and then raped her three times. The girl filed a complaint, and according to what she said, the investigation began. He was later terminated because the girl committed suicide in 2018 and there was no other evidence from investigators other than his report.

Since then, proceedings have been initiated against the doctor in two similar cases, the paper writes.

It was weird that the doctor was constantly pulling on his socks, but we only found out later because he had a tracker on his feet.
– confessed to one of the health workers, who added: they could not leave the doctor alone because he regularly molested female patients.

The man, as stated in the announcement of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Budapest two weeks ago, arrested a vulnerable female patient in an examination bed in an outpatient clinic in Budapest on July 21 this year, the newspaper writes. The National Defense Service has filed a complaint and launched an investigation into suspected sexual coercion.

He wore a tracker for a similar case

The abusive doctor was on the trail because he was under criminal supervision in an earlier proceeding against him, also for sexual coercion. And he was able to work in a way that was not limited to restricting personal freedom at home, but he was able to move freely throughout the country. The case is already in court because the prosecution filed the indictment in March, they write.

Blikk contacted the Hungarian Medical Chamber to inquire about how the doctor could work with a tracker, whether the employer knew about the proceedings against him, and whether an ethical inquiry had been opened against him. The Chamber received the answer to all three of their questions: “We have no information about this.”

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