Pedophilia: In an incendiary document, the pope recognizes a collective bankruptcy of the Chilean Church


“Compromising documents” have been destroyed by ecclesiastical authorities, reveals François.
The world | 18.05.2018 at 11:42 • Updated 18.05.2018 at 12:39 | By Cécile Chambraud

It is Pope Francis who wrote it black and white: for years, the Chilean Catholic Church has been “Many situations of abuse of power , authority and sexual abuse ” . Bishops or superiors of religious order have entrusted the direction of seminars or novitiates to “Priests suspected of active homosexuality” . Religious expelled from their order for “Immoral behavior” were welcomed in other dioceses with charges involving “Daily and direct contact with minors” .
Complaints were hastily judged “Implausible” while they were “Serious evidence of an effective offense” . Others have even been classified without any investigation. Pressure was exerted on investigators and “Compromising documents” were destroyed.
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This chilling statement is included in the ten-page text that the Argentine pontiff delivered Tuesday, May 15 to 74 Chilean bishops who came to Rome at his request, and whose content was revealed Thursday by Chilean television T13. It is based on facts gathered in an unpublished report of 2,300 pages written by the two investigators that the pope has sent to victims of sexual assault and abuse of power committed within the Chilean Church . For three days, from Tuesday to Thursday, the pope met behind closed doors these bishops for four sessions of awareness of the reality of the facts.
Cases of abuse in Catholic schools
It is now clear that the problem goes far beyond the one case, which is already very serious, of Fernando Karadima, the charismatic priest of Santiago who trained many priests and bishops, and was condemned by the Church herself for sexual assault for years, by him and around him. In recent years, several cases of abuse in Catholic schools have come to light. In this text, the pope describes ” numerous ” these abuses. In reality, it describes a real collective bankruptcy of this Church. “We are all involved, me first” says François.
For several years, the pope has indeed refused to hear some former victims of Fernando Karadima, who accused including Bishop Juan Barros, one of his relatives, for covering the actions of the clergyman. Francois had even accused of “Slander” those who asked him to come back on the appointment of M gr Barros in the diocese of Osorno. He then stated that he was not informed exactly by the victims, even though a letter from one of them was handed to him in 2015 .
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In the text transmitted to the Chilean episcopate, the pontiff recalls that in the past, the Chilean Church had the “Courage” to engage and take risks for defend his flock. He opposes this attitude to that of the Church today, which has meanwhile been “Transformed in its center”: “The painful and shameful observation of sexual abuse of minors, abuse of power and conscience by Church ministers, and the way in which these situations have been approached highlights this change in ecclesial center. ”
“Something in the ecclesial body is sick”
He describes a church passed from the service of others to an institution plagued by individuals and groups who have claimed “To be the sole interpreter of the will of God” . This “Elite psychology” , says Pope Francis, ended by constitute of the “Closed circles that lead to narcissistic and authoritarian spirituality” for which “The important thing is to feel special, different from others » . “Something in the ecclesial body is sick” , summarizes François, who also speaks of “Perversion” ecclesial.
“Promote an anti-abuse culture”
For exit of this collective drift, he advocates opening up the institution and to work with “Different bodies of civil society to promote an anti-abuse culture ” . He insists that in his view, mere changes of persons (ie bishops) will not be enough to solve such deeply rooted and structural problems. “That, you have to do it , writes the pope, But that is not enough. It is necessary go further. It would be irresponsible of us not to dig for find the roots and structures that allowed these events to happen and continue. ”
himself please of change men, he explains, would give the illusion of having solved the problems while they persisted. So that “Never again do they come to repeat themselves” , François concludes, you have to consider the problem like “Everyone’s, not just some people’s” .
In other words, the Chilean bishops would have a collective responsibility in these drifts and none could exempt . Now stay with the pope reveal reforms “Short, medium and long term” promised to the victims of these numerous excesses.
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