Pedro Albares, director of Albares Abogados, ‘European Award for Business Talent’

Pedro Albares at the delivery of the ‘European Award for Business Talent’

Pedro Albares Castejón, founding lawyer and director of Albares Lawyers in Valencia, with offices in Manises and Cuenca, has been distinguished this Friday, July 23 in Madrid, with the 2021 European Award for Business Talent.

This new award was presented at a gala at the Hotel Marriot Auditorim in Madrid by Mr. Jordi Bentanachs, President of the European Association of Industry, Technology and Innovation (AEITI). The event was directed by the journalist Pilar Carrizosa, and was attended by relevant personalities, professionals and businessmen from Spain.

The European Award for Business Talent has been established by the AEITI in order to distinguish all SMEs, Micro-SMEs, Macro-SMEs and Self-Employed, who have been able to survive the pandemic, and who have also progressed and advanced to be a benchmark in its sector, thanks to the effort, merit and talent to be able to do so.

The natural lawyer of Tribaldos (Cuenca), is the founder and director of the firm Albares Abogados, a general law firm operating at the national level, which has the collaboration of other professionals in different areas, lawyers who are experts in criminal, civil, labor, and matrimonial law. , minors and gender violence.

Albares is one of the best criminal lawyers in Spain, recognized among others, by the prestigious international legal ranking Best Lawyers, with the National Law Award, the Excellent Mediterranean and The Supplement, all of them in criminal law. In addition, he is the European Citizen Award of Foro Europa 2001, the International Award of the Costanza Foundation, the Madrid Magazine Award and the Innovation Award of the European Technology and Innovation Association. He also has, among other decorations, the Gold Medal of the 2001 Europe Forum, the Gold Medal of the European Cum Laude Forum, the European Award for Business Quality and the Medal for Merit at Work, from the European Association for Economy and Competitiveness. .

The natural lawyer of Tribaldos (Cuenca), also belongs to the Official Shift of the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Valencia, and is a collaborating professor of the Degree in Law at the International University of Valencia and the Higher Institute of Law and Economics of Madrid.