Pedro Castillo / Day has been declared the winner of the Peruvian presidential election

Castiljo’s 51-year victory means Fuhimori is facing corruption.

“On behalf of my family, I would like to congratulate the electoral authorities (…) and also congratulate the political parties that have taken part in this celebration of democracy,” Castillo told hundreds of supporters of his party. Free Peru headquarters in Lima.

“Dear fellow citizens, I am here with an open heart for each of you,” Castillo said from the party’s headquarters balcony after the head of the JNE election court, Jorge Luis Salass, announced the victory of Castilla in a short virtual ceremony.

The JNE confirmed the results of the ONPE’s counting of votes, according to which Castillo won 50.12% of the vote, some 44,000 more than Fuhimori.

Fuhimori had challenged the election result, demanding the annulment of part of the ballot, but on Monday promised to recognize the result, “because it is required by law and the constitution, which I have vowed to defend.”

The new president is scheduled to take office on July 28.

Prosecutors say they will demand a 30-year prison sentence for Fuhimori on charges of bribery from a Brazilian builder involved in scandals Odebrecht with the aim of financing their failed presidential election campaigns in 2011 and 2016.

Should Fuhimori become President, under Peruvian law, the case against him would be suspended until the end of his term.

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