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Pedro Castillo elected: how Bolsonaro can use victory for the left in Peru

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  • Mariana Alvim – @marianaalvim
  • From BBC News Brasil in São Paulo

Credit, EPA

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Castillo was proclaimed winner of the Peruvian presidential election this Monday (19/7)

Despite the narrow margin, Pedro Castillo’s (Perú Libre) victory in the Peruvian presidential election adds to recent left-wing achievements in South America, resulting in a new correlation of political forces in the region, according to international relations experts interviewed by BBC News Brazil.

In other words, the 0.25 percentage point that Castillo had an advantage over his opponent, Keiko Fujimori (Fuerza Popular), is not enough to say that Peru, or even South America, are consistently and homogeneously adhering to projects from the left.

But recent victories there, in Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, show that what appeared to be a conservative wave led by Mauricio Macri in Argentina in 2015 and Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil in 2018 in Brazil, among others, was reversed, at least partially.

Castillo had 50.125% of the votes and Keiko Fujimori, 49.875%. He was proclaimed president by the electoral court of Peru only on Monday (19/7), more than a month after the second round was held (6/6) and the conclusion of the counting of votes (15/6). In the meantime, Keiko has opened a court battle for accusing the election of fraud.

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