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peter castlePresident of the Republic, concluded his presentation to businessmen in New York, United States, telling a story about a father of a family he met who had lost all his belongings in a fire in Villa María del Triunfo.

In the meeting that took place this Monday, September 19, with investors from companies interested in Peru, and in the midst of his agenda of official activities, Pedro Castillo highlighted the importance of investments in favor of the poorest.

In this context, he recalled the visit he made to the victims of the incident at VMT in the first week of September.

Pedro Castillo participates in official activity in the United States

“I would like to share with you, a few weeks ago in Villa María del Triunfo at midnight I had to attend because a family, a man who had seven children. This gentleman who had acquired a small drum in such a sacrificial way and got on the bus and played his drum and his youngest daughter began to dance to bring a piece of food to her table ”said the Peruvian president.

Castillo Terrones commented that this family, having no connection to water or electricity, lit with candles and that this was the reason for the fire that destroyed their house and left the father of the family and his eldest son hospitalized in intensive care for trying to save his devastated belongings, “including the little drum.”

After this story, the president assured that businessmen should seek to invest in Peru together with the Government to attend to this Peru, which has its modern aspects but also a traditional country and a poor population.

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“What we have to do is work for them”he concluded.


José Williams on the Congress Channel
José Williams on the Congress Channel