Pedro Facon wants a debate on the working time of doctors

During a symposium organized on Saturday on lessons to be learned from the coronavirus crisis, former Covid-19 commissioner Pedro Facon called for a debate on doctors’ working time. “We are facing a shortage, how can we better use this staff?” he asked during a round table.

The symposium “The Corona Crisis 2020-2022. Lessons Learned’ in Brussels welcomed, in addition to Pedro Facon, among others, the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, the managing director of Zorgnet-Icuro Margot Cloet and the infectiologist Erika Vlieghe. In an explanation where Mr. Facon also spoke of improving practitioner training, compensation, opportunities for flexibility and well-being at work, he noted that “a significant proportion of physicians very strongly reduce their working time.

“We see throughout society the search for the reconciliation of family and work”, explained Mr. Facon to Belga. “In the context where the training of doctors is largely supported by society, we need to have a conversation with these doctors about this. Be careful, this is part of a future solution, I don’t want to make it a populist argument.”

“Older general practitioners sometimes worked 80 hours a week, which is obviously not a situation that we want”, nuances Mr. Facon. “We live in the 21st century and many people are already overworked, which we obviously don’t want. However, some specializations are paid so much that they can more easily afford to reduce working hours. sensitive issue, which we must nevertheless talk about.”