Pedro Snchez creates the large “non-refundable” regional fund 48 hours after claiming it Esquerra

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The Catalan vice president asks for 4,000 million, double that of Madrid, and achieves a quick response from the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez (left), and the Catalan Vice President, Pere Aragons, in February, in La Moncloa.

The Prime Minister, Pedro Snchez, announced this Saturday the creation of a fund of 16,000 million non-reimbursable for the autonomous communities within 48 hours of claiming it Esquerra Republicana, his key parliamentary support.

The leader of Esquerra and vice president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragons, began applying for this fund last Thursdayto cover the fight against coronavirus and tospira to receive 4,000 million. The agility in the response contrasts with the request made in the same sense by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Daz Ayuso.The PP leader sent a letter to the Minister of Finance a month ago, on April 3,requesting the creation of a regional fund like the one Snchez was requesting for the State in the European Union and the rest of the PP barons joined his request.

However, there was no response from the president even in his speech last weekend, in whichhinted that the 300 million he had made available to the communities were sufficient.

The president has rectified in an extra time after a request from Esquerra, which he may need in the voting next week to extend the state of alarm. You also need to maintain PP support, increasingly in the air.

In these circumstances, Snchez advanced in his appearance on this Saturday the creation of this special fund for social and economic recovery. Of its endowment, 10,000 million euros will be for health spending, another 5,000 million to alleviate the fall of economic activityin the autonomous communities, and the remaining 1,000 million for social spending, according to breakdowns, stressing that the communities will not have to pay it back.

Aragons reacted quickly:It is good news, but you have to know the detail, I asked that the transfer be immediate. His request doubles the 2,000 million requested by Daz Ayuso in Madrid. Madrid government sources reserved their opinion until they saw the fine print.

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