World Pedro Snchez exhibits his power over prosecutors to comply...

Pedro Snchez exhibits his power over prosecutors to comply with ERC


Dolores Delgado, new state attorney general

The president puts his former Minister of Justice in charge of the State General Prosecutor to ensure control of the Prosecutor

The new state attorney general, Dolores Delgado, in the transfer of ...

The new state attorney general, Dolores Delgado, in the transfer of the Justice portfolio, this Monday, in Madrid.

Never before has the proposal for the appointment of a general prosecutor by the Government been produced before the Minister of Justice took office. In this case, Moncloa wanted the name of Dolores Delgado as future state attorney general to jump to the front pages of the newspapers this Monday even before the transfer of portfolios between her and her successor in office, Judge Juan Carlos Field.

The controversial decision to designate Delgado as the new visible head of the Fiscal Ministry at a time of especially delicate, when the Executive of Pedro Snchez has committed himself to ERC in dejudicializing theprocs, corresponds to the president himself who wants to have a "person of his trust" in the General Treasury, as explained by the different sources consulted by THE WORLD.

Snchez bets thus to have "direct thread" in the Treasury with Delgado, that to happen of the scarce and the ministerial office to direct the Public Ministry, an organism that must be independent and from which hundreds of sensitive judicial procedures are impelled like those that affect to Catalua or the corruption cases of the opposition and the PSOE itself. This transition from the chief prosecutor's policy has caused "stupor", "surprise" and "perplexity" among his professional colleagues.

There is almost unanimity among prosecutors in pointing out that the "appointment is very unfortunate", as it implies "a slap to the independence and impartiality of the Public Ministry" which "also leaves our image very damaged." "Going from being a minister to being a general prosecutor means breaking down the image of independence of the institution that has been achieved in recent years," say fiscal sources.

"It is typical ofVenezuela. They want to control the Treasury as it is, "says a prosecutor of the Chamber in conversation with this media." He will have the same problem ofauctoritaswhatSegarra, but above coming directly from the Government, "adds a prosecutor of the Supreme Court." Being the attorney general of Snchez, not the prosecutors, "emphasizes another prosecutor who holds the maximum category in the race.

Fear: "At the service of a political project"

Many fear that with his appointment Fiscala "put himself at the service of a political project" and remember that Snchez himself boasted in the previous election campaign "send in the Fiscal Ministry."

The reality is that there is no precedent to the designation that the Council of Ministers of the first Government of coalition of Spain will make in the next few days. Only in 1986, the appointment ofJavier MoscosoIt resembles, although it is not identical, since it went from being Minister of the Presidency of Felipe Gonzlez to Attorney General.

Likewise, the different tax sources consulted consider Snchez's "very risky" commitment, since Dolores Delgado "is not a prosecutor with a career weight." "La Fiscala is a complicated house and it won't be easy," others predict. There are also those who consider something negative that is "so influenced" by the former judgeBaltasar Garzn.

In contrast, those who support the appointment, which are minority voices, say that "he has been a minister for a year and a half and a fiscal thirty years" and added that "he has always fought for the autonomy of prosecutors."

Along with the attempt to deflate the Catalan independence challenge, Delgado will have to approve more than 30 discretionary appointments from the Public Ministry’s leadership, which Mara Jos Segarra has left unrealized.Fiscala of Seville.

The 'procs' and the 'Villarejo case'

As Minister of Justice, your term has not been without controversy. Slim forced to switch to theState Advocatehis legal qualification at the trial onprocs, passing from the rebellion to the previous termination of the State's attorney,Edmundo Bal, current deputy of Citizens. The Supreme Court ended up condemning the leaders of the 1-O by issuance although the Treasury always maintained the accusation for rebellion.

In addition, its passage through the Ministry was marked by the conversations that were published with the commissioner linked to theState sewersJos Manuel Villarejo, where he called Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska "maricn" and alludes to praying "cough courts" when he acts as prosecutor. Delgado denied at first his friendship with Villarejo, after the publication of the talks was forced to rectify and recognize that he had coincided with him three times.

Previously, another controversy took place when he refused to protect Supreme Judge Pablo Llarena, instructor of the 1-O case, in the civil lawsuit filed by the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont against him before the Belgian justice.

The complaint of Citizens

In the midst of the political storm that unleashed the appointment of Delgado on Monday, Citizens registered a proposal for a reform law of the Fiscal Ministry to make it impossible to commit "nonsense" as the appointment of the former Minister of Justice as the State Attorney General.

The lawyer of the State and deputy spokesman for Citizens in Congress, Edmundo Bal, said it is "another attack" by Pedro Snchez to the institutions. And I said that the case is extremely serious because we are talking about "the State's General Treasury, not the Government's General Prosecutor's Office or the PSOE."

The proposal of the Citizens' law states that the attorney general cannot have held any public office in the last 10 years. In addition, it is required to be a "jurist of recognized prestige" who has exercised his profession for at least 25 years. The term of office lasts six years, to protect it, the political ups and downs.

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