Pedro Snchez leaves out Vox in the presidency of commissions and places in them his former senior positions

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Abascal’s party accuses the PP of participating in the “veto” after agreeing with the PSOE but the popular are unchecked saying that it is the socialists who demand to marginalize Vox and Cs

Deputies of the PSOE and Vox, yesterday, during their encounter in Congress.

The PSOE has managed to impose on the parliamentary groups, including the PP, a veto to Vox to leave him out of the distribution of the presidencies of commission in the Congress of Deputies. At the same time, place former ministers Magdalena Valerio and Mara Luisa Carcedo and other former senior officials of the first Government of Pedro Snchez in the presidency of several commissions, in a movement that comes to compensate them after they have had to leave the structures of the Executive by the entrance of United Podemos. All of them will now charge 1,516 euros more per month for exercising this position. An amount that adds to the usual salary that all the deputies receive.

After days of negotiations, the parties that are part of the Government will take over most of the presidencies of the commissions: 17 will be for the PSOE and six for United We can. While its parliamentary partners will also take their share. ERC will have one and the PNV, another.

The PP aspires to chair around seven commissions while everything points to Vox finally running out of any, despite being the third game of the Chamber. With a similar number of Citizens deputies he obtained five presidencies during the last legislature. The spokeswoman for the Socialist Group, Adriana Lastra, announced Tuesday that there is no chance that Vox will preside over any of them because they refuse in band.

The PSOE asks the PP not to be ashamed of the pact

This “veto” to Vox has caused a huge anger among the leaders of the Santiago Abascal party, who have denounced a “meaningless” and “unprecedented” distribution in Congress to harm them. The parliamentary spokesman, Ivn Espinosa de los Monteros, has described the fact as a maneuver to “ignore, despise and make there exist” his four million voters.

He has blamed the PSOE and United We can, but also the PP, for joining the “roller” on the left to leave them out of a parliamentary practice that historically has sought the distribution among the main groups of the Chamber.

Espinosa de los Monteros has been willing to continue talking with other parties to find a different formula and reach a more “logical” pact, but has lamented the lack of will of others and the “tendency” of the PP to “put on agreement “with the PSOE instead of pressuring him not to do those” vetos “. Vox aspired to take over at least five or four commission chairs, corresponding to what Cs had during the last term.

On the other hand, sources of the Popular Group have denied EL MUNDO to participate in any veto to Vox and have attributed it exclusively to the PSOE. Specifically, these sources assure that during the negotiations with the Socialists they had made it clear that they were not going to admit any commission presidency for Vox and Citizens and that they threatened the PP with leaving them “without any” if that happens. They also do not give negotiations between the groups closed.

After the unchecking of the PP, Rafael Simancas (PSOE) has asked the PP not to be ashamed of having reached a pact that leaves Vox out. “Do not be the right to be cowardly, they are the institutional right, at least today,” he told the PP. While before Vox he boasted of the veto saying that it is called “democratic hygiene” and that they were “going to practice”.

During the parliamentary debate, Vox has remained alone in its rejection of the high number of commissions in Congress, which logically imply an expense greater than if they were less and that they denounce for being a method of “placement of deputies”. Espinosa de los Monteros has warned that money comes “from the taxpayers’ pocket” and that political parties “must show the public respect for the same respect they have for their own accounts.” However, most of the Chamber has voted against its proposal to reduce them.

The names of the PSOE and Podemos

The former Minister of Health and Consumption Mara Luisa Carcedo be in charge of the Territorial Policy Commission, key in the dialogue with the communities and therefore with Catalua; and former Minister of Labor and Social Security Magdalena Valerio command theToledo Pact, one of the great fusses of the legislature, because it must decide on pensions.

The other former senior officials awarded by the Socialists arePau Mari Klose, former High Commissioner against Child Poverty, to lead the Foreign Commission and the former Secretary of State for SecurityAna Bottle, assumes the Interior after being set aside by Minister Marlaska.

They will also occupy several presidencies members of the Federal Executive of the PSOE. For example,Patxi Lopezdirect the Constitutional Commission with the focus on a possible reform of the Magna Carta;Joan Ruiz, of the PSC, I will do it in the Social Rights andPilar Cancelahead the Equality Commission.

As for United We can, they have been forced again to make a distribution of power between their confluences. Thus, two deputies of the commons – the Catalan sector of Podemos – will lead two commissions (Gerardo Pisarello, Science, Innovation and Universities; YJoan Mena, Sustainable Development Goals); IU will have one in the figure ofRoser Master(International Development Cooperation);Galicia in Comnanother, every timeAntn Gmez Kingdombe at the forefront of Labor, Social Security and Migration; while the deputies of PodemosTxema PebbleYJuan Lopez UraldeThey will command Budgets and Ecological Transition and demographic challenge.

The presidencies of the PSOE

  • Foreign Affairs: Pau Mar Klose
  • Regulation: Meritxell Batet
  • Territorial Policy and Public Function: Mara Luisa Carcedo Roces
  • Constitutional: Patxi Lpez lvarez
  • Culture and Sport: Agustn Zamarrn Moreno
  • Education and Training: Professional Sergio Gutirrez
  • Statute of the Deputy: Begoa Nasarre Oliva
  • Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda: Jos Javier Izquierdo Roncero
  • Equality: Pilar Cancela Rodrguez
  • Inside: Ana Mara Gmez Bottle
  • Justice: Isaura Leal Fernndez
  • Toledo Pact: Magdalena Valerio Cordero
  • Petitions: Luisa Faneca Lpez
  • Social Rights and Disability: Joan Ruiz i Carbonell
  • State Pact against Gender Violence: Beatriz Micaela Carrillo de los Reyes
  • Mixed Court of Auditors: Santos Cerdn Len
  • Mixed European Union: Susana Sumelzo Jordn

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