Pegli, they steal basketballs from the disabled and markers from children

Two places of sport and socializing violated by a group of kids. The Pegli Basket gymnasium, where wheelchair athletes also train, and the summer center of the Villa Rosa school. The gym was targeted twice.

The first dates back to two weeks ago: the thieves unhinged the door and, once inside, they stole the balls of the disabled and children. Among all they chose those of wheelchair basketball and the little ones: “It looks like a targeted action”, he says to GenovaToday the president of the company Antonella Traverso. “The balls are divided into baskets and on each one it is written who it is with a permanent marker; they cannot even be resold”.

Some, in fact, have thrown them into the river under the gym, others have taken them away perhaps in mockery. What might have seemed a bad taste stunt was repeated in the night between Saturday and last Sunday: this time they made the joystick score points disappear from the scoreboard, a great economic damage for the Pegliese company that plays in Serie C with the first men’s team. and in B with the feminine. President Traverso was thus forced to file a complaint with the carabinieri.

According to the police, it would be a question of a group of Italian minors who also struck last night in Villa Rosa in the summer camp, stealing the felt-tip pens and the games of the children who attend the summer camp: “What taste could he have given them?”, Antonella Traverso asks herself. “Today the children are without their pencils and our children without the balloons”. There is bitterness in the words of the president who now also has to run for cover: “I will install cameras and alarms to act as a deterrent to a group of kids”.