PEGSA produces the first live music for the Star+ platform

“When we were chosen to carry out this production, we took it as a huge challenge. We were sure that we could transmit that emotion that the live event gives you to the platform. We put more than 150 people to work, between the production and the talents that were in the preview, among which stood out Laura Fernandez y Guille Gilbert of Radio Disneyaccompanied by the journalist and host of ESPN Agustina Casanova and by the driver and influencer Lizardo PonceMakintach said.

“All the pure content part of the preview was put together with Star+. For the transmission we have the best mobile truck to do live events in the country, along with 26 cameras including cranes, steady, wireless cameras, robotics and drones”, he added.

For the preparation of the broadcast, Makintach highlighted the strategy they used. “Since we had to broadcast the fifth show, we took the previous four and did a kind of practice of the live show. Luckily, Tini complied with her times and manners, beyond the guests that were changing, and that allowed us to do the broadcast perfectly”.

Regarding the experience of making a broadcast of this style, he emphasized that: “We wanted to take the live event theme to things that were not sports, luckily Disney gave us the opportunity and we were very satisfied with both parties. Of course we want to continue performing and learning with these types of events’.

plans for this year
“We are advancing very strongly in all of Latin America with sports, we also have two post-productions of two Disney fictions that will premiere on Star+, and we are advancing strongly in small biographical series of athletes.”

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PEGSA also recently renewed its services for the digital area, where it handles design and social media content for more than 90 leading accounts (ESPN, SportCenter, ESPN Hockey, ESPN Tenis, ESPN Golf, ESPN Woman, ESPN Run, ESPN Playroom), while that the marketing team offers comprehensive services for all types of advertising developments.

With offices throughout Latin America, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile), Montevideo (Uruguay), Bogotá (Colombia), Lima (Peru) and Miami (United States), PEGSA is made up of more than 600 professionals and has the most advanced technology to offer world-class solutions for its prestigious group of distinguished clients, among which stand out Disney; Star+; FOX; RedBull; Motorola; Assist Card; Adidas; Reebok; Citibank; Nike; Samsung; XBOX; Quilmes; Sura Group; Staff; VW; P&G and VISA.

Tini Tour 2022
The concerts of the “TINI Tour 2022” in Buenos Aires marked the reunion of the artist with her fans in Argentina with an amazing show with guests and all her successes. Tini will lead the tour of Latin America and Europe, while the live broadcast of the show in Buenos Aires could also be seen in the United States through Disney +. “TINI Tour 2022” was the first Star+ concert that The Walt Disney Company broadcast live in Latin America and the United States simultaneously.

Since the release of her self-titled debut album in 2016, Martina “TINI” Stoessel has become a global idol, with more than 34 million followers on social media, and more than 4 billion digital audio and video streams. In 2020, TINI was named Billboard Argentina’s Artist of the Year and Spotify’s Most Popular Argentine Female Artist.

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For his most recent album TINI TINI TINI (2020), she co-wrote all the songs with the support of renowned producers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, who won the 2020 Latin GRAMMY® Producer of the Year award. Her triumphs continued in 2021 with hits like “Miénteme” with María Becerra (304MM views) and “Maldita Foto” with Manuel Turizo (30MM). TINI has collaborated with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Sebastián Yatra, Karol G, Manuel Turizo, Cali y El Dandee, Alesso, Morat, R3HAB, Greeicy, Lalo Ebratt, Reik, Mau y Ricky, María Becerra, Álvaro Soler, Jonas Blue, Ana Guerra, Ovy on the Drums, Nacho, and KHEA.