Peña Nieto’s private secretary charged 30 percent for appointments

Erwin Linoprivate secretary of the former president Enrique Pena Nieto, charged appointments with the federal Executive up to 30 percent of the resulting contracts. This, as reported by the current spokesman presidential Jesus Ramirez Cuevaswho also explained what neoliberalism is, using the current controversy surrounding Sonora Grill as an example.

By participating this Wednesday in the conference “Where is the fourth transformation going?” on the Metropolitan Autonomous University Xochimilco unit, Ramírez Cuevas said that the former public officials made fortunes by “plundering” the public treasury, also assuring that this can be proven.

“Before, top officials went from tithing to 30 percent. In fact, Peña Nieto’s former private secretary was called mister 30 percent: ‘Nothing of 10, you give me 30 percent and I open the door for you and you can talk to the President and of the businesses that are approved I get 30, that’s how it was”, he accused.

Regarding the legal processes for these corruption casessaid that they will be done, but also stressed that “it is not up to us, at this time, to engage in a fight of just and guilty, but, if we want to move forward, and that is President López Obrador’s proposal, to make the transformations.”

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On the other hand, the general coordinator of Social Communication of the federal government sought to exemplify the neoliberalism as an exclusive, predatory and violent model making a comparison with the Sonora Grill restaurant chain, recently accused of having racist and classist behavior against its customers.

“In order not to make a very long speech, well imagine the Sonora Grillbut that is the country, where there is a very small minority, normally light-skinned,” said Ramírez Cuevas, pointing out that there is that small favored sector of the population and “a majority that gets the leftovers, the crumbs, the what remains, many times nothing”.