Penco, exclusive with IR: “You have to be unconscious to not want to go to Independiente” | All the Latest Independent News

Sebastián Penco went through the microphones of Red Hell, the Program to analyze the present of Red and review what was his time at the greatest.

He arrived at the worst moment, under a rain of unknowns, and with effort he managed to help get Independiente out of the well and thus win the affection of the fans. Sebastian Penco went through Red Hell, the Program to tell what it means to wear the Red shirt: You have to be unconscious to not want to go to Independiente. It opens a lot of doors for you. Playing there and performing is going to give you the springboard to go to Europe. The Independiente shirt is not for everyone”.

Following the same tune, Motoneta recalled his time at the King of Cups: “I had to go when Independiente was in B, and for a moment I doubted. My representative told me that I was crazy, that I was still Independent, and there I did everything to go. And followed: “I went from less to more. I entered a very large club and I had to adapt to a very abrupt change. The fan grew fond of me and I had to score important goals”.

His departure from Independiente was always unknown, and in this regard, the attacker detailed: “It hurt me to have left, I feel like I made the wrong decision. I knew that Jorge Almirón did not love me. I got tired of going in and scoring goals, and still didn’t take me into account.

The striker was key to achieving a return to Primera, and in this regard he released: “When promotion was achieved, I said that the team was going to perform much better than what happened in the B Nacional. The pressure was already out, and we had to enjoy it”. And facing the danger of another relegation, he added: “It hurts to see that things continued to be done wrong and they couldn’t stop it in time. I hope that Independiente stays in First Division. That they analyze what was done wrong and consider doing things better in the future”.

At the end, in dialogue with Red Hell, the ProgramPenco referred to the collection from the fans: “The movement is beautiful and that is what the fan shows. As a player, you need that support, and the fan showed that it is there. Not even with money, support is essential”.