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The Adler Mannheim released their coach Pavel Gross on Monday after 3 defeats, falling to 5th place and some clear player statements about the team order (“unstructured”). Jan-Axel Alavaara, sporting director of the Adler, explained in the MagentaSport “Eishockey Show” that the sporting development was not the only decisive factor: “No. Everyone knows what happened this season.” The critical statements by Pavel Gross about Corona regulations had massively disrupted the relationship months ago: “Other teams did it better with all the Corona stories and breaks. Unfortunately, we didn’t do it one hundred percent in Mannheim.” Alavaara nevertheless praised the ex-coach: “Pavel did everything. He works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He tries everything.” But: “Sometimes you don’t get an answer from the team and you saw that last week.” As a successor in Mannheim, there was speculation about national coach Toni Söderholm. “Of course I’ll talk to him briefly and ask him how he is,” said Jan Alavaara on the MagentaSport ice hockey show. Bill Stewart will take over until further notice – he will start the game against Krefeld live on Wednesday at 7:15 p.m.

Below are the most important voices of the “ice hockey show” with Mannheim’s sports director Alavaara – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. Tomorrow there will be an absolute relegation hit between Krefeld and Schwenningen. The penguins urgently need a win to prevent the threat of relegation – from 7:15 p.m. live on MagentaSport.

At the end of coach Pavel Gross’ term in office, the Mannheim players almost only shrugged their shoulders. When Markus Eisenschmied reported annoyedly on the MagentaSport microphone in the second period break (0:3) against Bremerhaven: “It mustn’t happen to us so late in the season that we look so unstructured,” the Adler sports managers had to have noticed the latest point in time for a coaching resignation. It didn’t sound much rosier what Nicolas Krämer had to say after the double defeat against Bremerhaven and falling to 5th place: “We’re almost to the play-offs. What we’re delivering here is just not good enough. It’s going to be real It’s time we got closer. I don’t have anything else to say except that it sucks.”

“We haven’t had a good tendency in the last 8-10 games.”

Jan-Axel Alavaara, sports director, answered questions from Sascha Bandermann on the “Ice Hockey Show”. The link to the interview:

Why Pavel Gross is no longer a coach: “Our aspiration in Mannheim is always to stay in the playoffs as long as possible and looking back we haven’t had a good trend in the last 8-10 games. We had hopes “The team and Pavel find a way and are ready when it comes to the playoffs. Especially last weekend things didn’t look so good twice against Bremerhaven. Then luckily Bill Stewart was ready. We still think the team has them Quality… You need a new voice and he will bring that with him. Today at the 1st team meeting there was 100 percent energy.”

Why the connection between club management, coach and team was no longer really there: “We had a lot of discussions and tried a lot. Pavel also worked an incredible number of hours and did everything to find a way… At the end of the day we had to unfortunately we have to make this decision today.”

Whether it wasn’t just because of the sporting development: “No. Everyone knows what happened this season. Also with the various statements in the newspapers. Of course that doesn’t make it any easier.”

Whether the relationship broke in this debate about Pavel Gross’ Corona statements: “I wouldn’t say broken, but that made it more difficult… It wasn’t easy the last 2 years. Other teams did it better with everyone Corona stories and breaks. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it one hundred percent in Mannheim.”

“Sometimes you don’t get an answer from the team”

In which areas he was disappointed by Pavel Gross: “Pavel did everything. He works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He tries everything. He wanted to bring the team forward. Sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes you don’t get an answer from the team and you could see that last week that he couldn’t pull out anymore.”

Whether Bill Stewart will only step in for this season: “Yes, that’s not a question. Bill also said it clearly. He feels at home in Toronto.”

Soderholm? “I’ll ask him how he is!”

Whether national coach Toni Söderholm will take over from next season: “Of course I’ll talk to him briefly and ask him how things are with him.”

Die PENNY DEL live bei MagentaSport:

Tuesday, 03/29/2022

From 7:15 p.m.: Eisbären Berlin – Augsburg Panthers, Krefeld Pinguine – Schwenninger Wild Wings, ERC Ingolstadt – Bietigheim Steelers

Wednesday, 03/30/2022

From 7:15 p.m.: Adler Mannheim – Krefeld Pinguine, EHC Red Bull Munich – Nuremberg Ice Tigers, Iserlohn Roosters – Straubing Tigers, ERC Ingolstadt – Bietigheim Steelers

Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

From 1.30 p.m.: Eisbären Berlin – Bietigheim Steelers, Kölner Haie – ERC Ingolstadt, EHC Red Bull Munich – Iserlohn Roosters, Grizzlies Wolfsburg – Penguins Bremerhaven, Augsburger Panther – Düsseldorfer EG, Krefeld Pinguine – Adler Mannheim, Schwenninger Wild Wings – Nürnberg Ice Tigers

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