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Pensioner, 98, struggled in his home in Enfield for his life after the & # 39; brutal and meaningless & # 39; attack

ON World War II veteran, 98, is in the hospital after a "brutal and pointless" attack in his own home with life-threatening injuries.

It is believed that Peter Gouldstone was robbed on 5 November, and it could have taken up to 20 hours before anyone was alerted to his plight.

He served in the Royal Corps of Signals during World War II, attained the rank of corporal, and was recognized as a "knightly and distinguished ministry."

The police believe that Mr. Gouldstone was being dragged through his home on Evesham Road in Enfield, north London. He has two bleeding in the brain.

Mr. Gouldstone's son Simon – a retired civil servant working on the Central Arbitration Panel – left Barnet after receiving a call from a neighbor.

He said, "I had keys on the front door and went into the house and smelled a rat because the house was very cold." I called, went up the stairs and there he was on the floor.

"He was obviously injured and moaning a bit, half conscious but breathing, it is absolutely horrible, he was very independent, he was very capable, and for his age everyone believed that he was fine.



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