Pensions, inflation, education, health… “If Macron wins, the heist will continue” – Liberation


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Legislative elections 2022dossier

A few days before the first round of the legislative elections and while the abstention is likely to be massive, “Liberation” went to meet the French and French.

Some have decided to make their anger heard behind strike pickets and at rallies, to demand better wages and working conditions or to defend public services. The anger of others is expressed more quietly, when paying the bill at the gas pump or at the supermarket. In the home stretch before the legislative elections, from Marseille to Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), via Millau (Aveyron) and Sèvremoine (Maine-et-Loire), the French men and women are preparing to vote − or abstain − driven by some hopes and a lot of concerns about the ability of future deputies to respond to the major issues facing the country: the future of hospitals and national education, the fight against inflation , the thorny issues of purchasing power and pensions…

In Montreuil, mobilized teachers: “Pap Ndiaye, it’s not Karl Marx either”

They won’t get caught up in it. The four teachers of the REP + Lenain-de-Tillemont college in Montreuil laugh out loud at the mention of the “phishing attempts” by Emmanuel Macron. Appointment of Pap Ndiaye to Education giving the impression of a 180 degree turn, promise of “unconditional revaluation”… With the approach of the legislative elections, the government has multiplied the calls of the foot to an educational community wrung out by the first five-year term and revolted by a p…