Pentagon declassified the video of the pursuit of the American fighter for UFOs

Pentagon declassified the video of the pursuit of the American fighter
 for UFOs

What the f *** is that thing? – exclaimed one of the pilots of the F / A 18 US Navy fighter (US Navy F / A-18 Super Hornet), catching in an infrared sight an object that moved quickly near the very surface of the ocean.
“What is this fucking thing?” – approximately so it is possible to translate its words expressing obvious surprise.
Frames with UFO , appeared on the screen of the radar fighter, recently unveiled A private research company called “To the Stars.” The Academy of Arts and Sciences Academy. How the movie got into this very “academy” and why it was the US military that entrusted it to “bring the truth to the broad masses of the population” is not known. But he is one of those three videos that Pentagon declassified in December last year. Ministry of Defence USA then admitted that he spent $ 22 million to study UFOs. Informed that the phenomenon really exists – that is, unidentified objects actually fly here and there, sometimes getting into the field of view of military pilots and their instruments. Declassified videos just about this and testified. Two – this and this one was shown last year, the third – the other day.

UFO, caught in the sight of a fighter in the north of the United States, the time of contact is not indicated.

UFOs, a meeting with what happened in 2004.

If you believe the “Academy”, the current cadres, which received the code name “Go Fast”, were made in 2015 off the East coast of the United States. On them, as well as on the previous ones, what the pilot sees on the display, located before his eyes, is displayed. The events unfolding overboard record a kind of video recorder operating in different frequency bands.
The fighter flies at a speed of about 500 kilometers per hour at an altitude of about 7500 meters. The UFO appears in the display at the top right and at high speed moves to the lower left corner, being 9 kilometers from the fighter.
The pilot attempts to capture the object with the Raytheon AN / ASQ-228 Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) infrared sight. Catch a brisk UFO can only with the third attempt – at this moment the cheerful exclamations of the crew are heard and emotional evaluations are heard.

UFO with the third video. Got caught in 2015.

There is no information about the end of the persecution. It is only known that the object remained unidentified. Pilots, however, had time to consider that the UFO looked like an egg about 15 meters in diameter, the color was white. No eggs or wings or other aerodynamic surfaces were found in the egg. Equals, as well as exhaust. Hot jet jets that cast aircraft engines are clearly visible on radar. The egg did not discard anything, it is not clear at the expense of what moving.

So the fighter F16 looks on the screen of the infrared sight. A jet is clearly visible. And the UFO it would be seen if it was available.

UFOs on video, including the previous two, strongly impressed Christopher Mellon (Christopher Mellon) – a former military intelligence officer who served in the Clinton and George Boucher . Speaking in the Washington Post , he assured that the United States does not have anything similar in terms of maneuverability and speed. Probably not in Of Russia or in China . Therefore, according to intelligence, the objects seen from military aircraft are likely extraterrestrial. A pier, it is necessary to look after them, study, allocating sufficient financing.
Mellon says that the three videos allowed by the military to show are only a small part of the contacts they have captured. And the oral stories of the pilots – and not count. Therefore, it is strange to him that the authorities do not take seriously the mysterious events that are happening in the heavens and in the near space.

Money for aliens
“The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program” – the so-called project in which the US military was studying unidentified flying objects. That is UFO. Studied, as the newspaper The New York Times found, from 2007 to 2012, spending as much as $ 22 million. This was confirmed by Pentagon spokesman Dana White (Pentagon spokesperson Dana White).
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The pursuit of a US Navy fighter for a UFO. The pursuit of the US Navy fighter for UFO

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