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People are more honest than expected according to a new study

Whey, honestly, people are dealing with a found wallet? Does it make any difference if there is much or little money in it? Researchers from Switzerland and the United States examined this in a study in 355 cities in 40 countries – with surprising results: the more money in the wallet, the more honest people were. This is reported by the team led by Michel André Maréchal from the University of Zurich in the journal "Science".

The scientists also questioned top economists and citizens on their assessment of how people would handle found wallets. By and large, both groups expected that people would rather retain larger amounts. "The study shows that we have too negative an image of man," says co-author Christian Lukas Zünd of the University of Zurich, the German Press Agency. People are more honest than expected.

The attempt included a good 17,000 purses with business cards, some with keys and sums of money of various heights. Researchers' helpers claimed to have found them and gave them to the reception of institutions – such as hotel reception desks, banks, box office, post offices, police stations or offices. The researchers paid attention to how many times the wallets found their way back to the supposed owner.

Big surprise at the follow-up study

The results: Firstly, purses with keys were returned more often than keys without keys, regardless of the amount of money. The researchers conclude that finders – in this case, people receiving institutions – often have selfless motives, because the key is of value to the owner, not the finder.



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